True Induction 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop Review 2019

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Induction cooktops are definitely the way of the future.

The days of the electric coil cooktop and the gas burner may not be quite over yet, but the induction way of cooking is starting to take over, no doubt. There are many great reasons for this, with one being that induction cooktops are much safer than the conventional methods. They stay cool to the touch, thus making them safe for you and your kids to be around, plus it makes cleanup time easy.

There is also the fact that induction cooktops are way more energy efficient than anything else out there right now. Moreover, induction cooktops, just like this one, often come in portable versions, allowing you to cook anywhere in your home or even take the whole thing with you on a trip. Today we are going to take a close look at the True Induction Energy Efficient Induction Cooktop. It’s a great model to consider, so you will want to hear what we have to say about it.

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This particular model is considered to be one of the best in the world right now, thanks to the clout carried by the True Induction brand name. True Induction makes the line of burners and other induction cookware that is featured in Winnebago motorhomes, making it a very popular brand and product line no doubt.

Moreover, the True Induction name is actually owned by Sequoia, a highly reputable brand that has been in the kitchen and appliance business for a very long time. We definitely like the fact that this particular model comes from such a reputable, legitimate, and trusted brand name. The True Induction Energy Efficient Induction Cooktop is affordable, it’s functional, user friendly, and will save you a whole lot of time and money too.


There are several reasons why the True Induction Energy Efficient Induction Cooktop is as popular as it is. It comes with many features that absolutely need to be mentioned, so let’s do that right now.

One of the best parts about the True Induction Energy Efficient Induction Cooktop is that it is 90% energy efficient. This means that a full 90% of the energy used is directly transferred into heating whatever you have in your pot. This is not something that can be said for conventional gas or electric cooktops which have a lower energy transfer level.

This item is much more cost effective and energy efficient than any other induction cooktop out there, not to mention better than gas or electric coil options. The fact that it has a 60-second automatic shutoff feature is another thing that helps increase its energy efficiency.

Another thing that you may like about the True Induction Energy Efficient Induction Cooktop   is that it is extremely thin and sleek. Yes, it is actually fairly wide and deep, which is convenient because you can fit some pretty large pans and pots on it.

However, at the same time, it is also very thin, which means that it does not protrude off of your counter very much. The True Induction Energy Efficient Induction Cooktop is also very lightweight, making it easy to move from one spot to another.

This model features a 1600-watt burner, which is pretty powerful in all rights. The burner can be adjusted anywhere from 150° to 450° Fahrenheit, a range which is just as good as any full-sized kitchen stovetop.

Moreover, you can also set the temperature to a precise setting for some very accurate cooking and heat control. There are also 10 preset quick-touch temperature settings for your convenience.

Another great aspect of the True Induction Energy Efficient Induction Cooktop is that it remains cool to the touch. This is true of all induction burners, but that does not make it any less true for this model.

This means that even if something spills or boils over, it won’t stick to the burner and make a huge mess. At the same time, this also means that it can’t burn your fingers and it can’t set anything on fire either, making it a very safe choice to consider.

Next, the True Induction Energy Efficient Induction Cooktop comes with a 150-minute timer. It can be set to countdown from 150 minutes or less, which is nice because we often forget food that is cooking. You definitely won’t forget it now!

You might also like how the whole thing is made of ceramic glass, something which is very durable, resilient to wear and tear, and simply looks great too.

Finally, the digital display panel features on the True Induction Energy Efficient Induction Cooktop is another cool aspect. Everything can be easily controlled with the touch of a finger for quick and easy cooking every single time.


  • Extremely durable and good looking
  • Highly energy efficient and cost effective
  • Convenient 150 minute countdown timer included
  • 10 preset temperature settings as well as precise temperature control
  • Adjustable from 150° to 450°  Fahrenheit
  • Easy to use digital display panel
  • Cool to the touch—no burns, no fires, no stuck-on messes
  • Lightweight and highly portable
  • Automatic 60-second shutoff feature


  • Only works with induction-friendly cookware
  • Included instructions are very confusing
  • Scratches very easily—don’t slide pans/pots around on it


At the end of the day, if you need an affordable, useful, and energy-efficient portable induction cooktop, the True Induction Energy Efficient Induction Cooktop makes for a great choice. It can do everything that a conventional stovetop can do, plus a whole lot more. 

Whether you are frying, boiling, melting, simmering, or everything in between, the True Induction Energy Efficient Induction Cooktop has no problem doing it.

The wide range of temperature settings, the quick-touch heat levels, and the ability to choose a precise temperature almost guarantee you a great meal every time you cook with the True Induction Energy Efficient Induction Cooktop.

(Last Updated On: January 1, 2020)
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